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Returns policy Returns are done on a case by case basis please contact us through the contact page to ask for a return. Please note that we have a 14 day from date of order refund policy, there are no warranties offered or refunds offered after this point in time. For faulty products a refund is only given if the product is found to be faulty on inspection, if no fault is found on inspection the costs of inspection ($18.50 in Australia outside Australia is up to the manufacturer) and returned shipping is charged to the purchaser. There maybe $12 restocking fee per item that is to be returned or our cost price of the item depending on the circumstances, this is to cover our administration time or replacement of the stock you returned. We do not accept refunds for cancellations, if you didn't read the description properly, change of mind orders or if you found it cheaper somewhere else so make sure you want the products before you order them.

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