Curve Male Chastity Device (Clear)

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Curve Male Chastity Device (Clear)

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We are pleased to present you with the ever popular CURVE male Chastity device a preferred option for men that need a little more room in their cage.


We are pleased to present you with the ever popular Curve Male Chastity Device. The Curve Male Chastity Device is made with polycarbonate, a material that is stronger and more durable than acrylic and many other clear plastics. Because of the design man men will find it easier to use this chastity device at urinals than with some other devices. Because of the design there are no uncomfortable belts, straps or chains required to hold it on securely. The Curve consists of two parts - the curved cage portion and the cuff ring, which has been re-designed to be more comfortable. The lightweight, durable cage portion allows for natural air drying and hygiene with its built in slots. If you haven't yet tried CBT or Male Chastity play then this is the device to start your explorations. Various sized spacers allow The Curve to be fully customized for an individual custom fit. This allows the man to find the configuration best suited to his personal needs. The length of the cage is approximately 106mm and the inside diameter is 33mm x 36 mm the whole way to the end. The rig sizes internal diameters are when fully closed are 37mm, 39mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm. This is one of the larger chastity devices around and tends to be a preferred option for Australian men to the CB's. So if you have tried other Chastity cages and found that you are after a little more room then the Curve Chastity device may be an option for you. Please take this into consideration when ordering to get the proper fit.

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