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    Puppy play is an adult fetish and a form of roleplay that allows the participants to escape from their everyday stressful lives. People who participate in puppy play often want to unleash their animal instincts and pretending to be a pup enables the person to forget about their problems and let go of their human inhibitions. Continue reading


    Penis pumps were originally designed to help men with erectile dysfunctions, but are now used for both medical and recreational uses. Using a penis pump can really improve your self-esteem, can help you to achieve rock hard erections on demand, help gain length, can help straighten a curved penis and enlarge the penis for a short period of time. Continue reading

  • Nipple Play

    Nipple play can be an extreme turn on for both men and women. The breasts and nipples are extremely sensitive and can be easily aroused. They respond to temperature and touch. Continue reading


    Anal Play is used to describe any kind of sex that involves the anus or rectum .Anal play is stimulation of the anorectal area including penetration with the penis, anal fingering ( with one or more fingers), fisting, rimming with the tongue, anal beads, dildos or butt plugs. Continue reading

  • Medical Play

    Some people may decide to spice up their sex life so they play out scenarios such as a doctor and the naughty nurse in dress up costumes, but for the majority medical play is a real sexual fetish and they take it seriously.

    Medical play has both physiological and physical elements, which is part of the allure as people can take their medical play to extreme measures. Continue reading

  • History Chastity Devices

    Chastity belts have been around since the 18th & 19th Centuries. We see chastity devices depicted in

    1. medieval movies, but the chastity device came to life in the Victorian era when women started to join the workforce in the factories. The chastity device was designed to protect the women’s virtue while away from their home & also abolish masturbation. Continue reading

  • What is Roleplay

    What is Roleplay

    Roleplay involves two or more people acting out different sexual fantasies. They may use different play scenario’s.A scenario could be something very basic or an elaborate and well planned.

    A basic scenario- a girl dresses up as a naughty school girl, while the guy takes on an authority figure as a teacher. Continue reading

  • BDSM Basics for Beginners

    With the current influx of interest into BDSM as a result of attention in the media for the book series "50 Shades of Grey" removing a lot of the fear and social ignorance in the area of BDSM there has been an increased amount of beginners entering BDSM wanting to get involved and explore what it is all about.

    So what is BDSM? BDSM stands for "Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism" Continue reading

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